More Problem Less Code

Photo by Vipul Jha on Unsplash

More Problem Less Code

Have you ever wondered why the problem occurs every week or month? Classic history was a skeptical statement from another wall that still insisted on fixing the bug.

Teams need deep discernment and critical thinking before they actually do any work or write code. Someone boasts of a basket full of items that they think are useful to the company but aren’t really.

The root of the problem usually occurs when you put a method before the problem.

Find out what the real problem is before diving into learning the code.

  1. Is there something wrong?

  2. Can you explain so that others can understand?

  3. Have you thoroughly researched the problem and its possible solutions?

  4. Will coding solve this problem?

  5. Are you sure?

We assume that coding is the goal, but it really isn’t. Software developers tend to be software junkies who think their job is to write code. It is not. The job is to solve the problem. Celebrate creating solutions, not code. Too many programmers get hung up on writing another line of code.

Think carefully, validate your solutions, make mistakes and evolve efficiently.