Dealing with a deadline as Software Engineer

Dealing with a deadline as Software Engineer

Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

Monday morning, at 09:00 AM, after some time writing and testing the code, We realized that our program was not enough to cover all our requirements, and even worse if we couldn’t deliver project by a certain date.

This usually happens during the first phase of a project. That means there is a gap between the client and the project manager or person in charge. This is a challenging moment, but it can also put you on your knees when you lose control of your team.

The best foundation of a strong team is mutual understanding, the key to smooth progress. No matter how hard it is, you can do it together with your friends, and the project manager can control your emotions individually.

Ideally, try to maintain expectations as much as possible. We are running out of time for the first time and fighting everywhere. In the first stage, there is no democracy for burden-bearers. If they seem good enough, you can continue or replace them with others. As long as you can drive at a constant speed, consider high falls normal at first.

There are two concepts for gathering requirements and understanding them from the perspective of the customer and the project manager. Number 1, you can set up your system analyst as a boat and go out every day to deepen your understanding. Sounds promising, but not efficient. You’re wasting time every day knowing that this is a long road to the end.

Number 2 is to build a bridge one by one from a simple step to advance mutual understanding to conduct better objectives of the structure. Dedicated system analysts and advanced technical experts sit next to you, allowing others to continue their work without distraction.

From a programmer’s point of view, it can be very easy or difficult to meet your requirements. Because once the programmer understands what he needs, he can identify it with a simple example and mostly he will be at the end of the day. Up to 50% complete or resolved. It’s not because of rocket science or hard math. Probably because there is too much ping pong (we play table tennis) everywhere.

Clear direction and expectation as the front gate for everyone. Opportunity is something you do every day and never lose it. Keep trying and keep learning.