Be a good listener

Do you often feel the need to say something when there is silence? Do you feel uncomfortable standing next to someone and not saying anything? Here are some reasons why silence is not only good for empathy but essential for conversation.

Be Natural — First, if you speak when you have nothing to say, you will be forced to look wrong. why shouldn’t it? It’s forced and wrong! Others may wonder what your “hidden” motives are for talking to them. You may begin to forget you even exist.

Give yourself a chance to think — When you think about everything the other person has said, it’s often not so easy to understand everything they’ve shared. Why don’t you take a moment to think about what that person has spent their precious time telling you? You can ask more interesting questions.

Give the other person a chance to think — Just like you need a chance to process all the information your other person has said, they also need time to think about what you said. It doesn’t matter what you say if the other person doesn’t understand.

Better Conversations — Giving everyone a chance to think and absorb all the information floating around will help everyone understand the topic better and get more out of the conversation. Not too bad, right?

The truth is the silence important point, the two of you must understand each other!

And a deep understanding will develop between them, leading to a strong foundation for the relationship and future conversations!

Greater understanding makes conversations more efficient, conveying more information in fewer words.